Fic: Simple moments (McKay/Canadian gate technician)

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Apr. 4th, 2006 | 06:04 pm
posted by: ria_kukalaka in sgarareathon

Title: Simple moments
Author: Maria8475
Summary: McKay's relationship with everyone's favourite Canadian sergeant.
Pairing: McKay/Canadian gate technician
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Minor one for Critical Mass.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If someone wants to give them to me though, I so would not object.
Author’s Note: Thanks to toniabarone and dk_valentine for the inspiration; to azicrow and tikiberry for hand-holding and encouragement and noctuabunda for the beta.
Written for severusslave or Elena.

Request: I'd like to read about that Canadian Chevron guy with McKay. I'd love them slashed. And I think the main attention should lay on our nameless hottie - to an manageable degree, of course. I'd love to read about everyday life of them as a couple, no huge crisis, just them, work, friends - their friend's reactions to the relationship, their come-out perhaps? I'd adore if nameless Canadian guy is going to be a character, not just a figure, not just a job. A name for him would be great too. *g*

In the early hours of the morning, late even by Atlantis standards, Rodney has just finished re-analysing the data from the potential power source they picked up at PXR-568 and still not coming up with anything significant. Zelenka, finally having had enough, threw his hands up and muttered darkly about it waiting until the morning. Knowing he was still too wired to sleep, Rodney dug around in the mess hall for whatever was left over of the ‘mystery’ casserole from dinner then went to the control room as he always did before bed. His excuse was he needed to make sure those incompetents were still running the place without him.

As expected, the control room was almost empty, the lighting turned low to conserve power. Sergeant Lenoir was on duty as were a few other personnel. He walked over the to the one of the techs, a young man, new on the last trip of the Daedalus, who's name he can't remember and looked over his shoulder. The kid practically jumped out of his seat. “Dr. McKay…sir…sorry was there something…wrong?” Rodney suppressed a smile and changed a few minor parameters to the system, more to keep the man on edge than because it was really needed.

He climbed the stairs, reaching the upper level where the Canadian sergeant was bent over a desk. “Messed anything up today?” He asked loudly enough for the other occupants of the room to hear.

Eric looked up, pretending to have been caught by surprise even though he'd been covertly watching Rodney since he came in. "Dr. McKay! No, nothing to worry about. Everything's fine." He replied in the same tone, trying not to make it too obvious that he was looking him over. It’s really his own fault, he thought, that blue T-shirt is far too snug to not shout for attention.

Rodney looked at the screen for himself anyway, studying the ‘gate diagnostic that was running. Casually, he placed a hand on Lenoir’s shoulder. “Were you expecting a problem?” Lenoir asked, after Rodney had spent several minutes perusing the files.

Rodney shot him his best ‘what kind of moron are you look?’ “I’m always expecting a problem. It’s part of the reason I’m so good.”

Lenoir hid his smile behind a roll of his eyes. “Of course, Doctor.” Despite his best effort, his voice was more affectionate than sarcastic. He waited in silence for several minutes, his features schooled into an appropriate mix of fear and awe of the head scientist. “Did you find anything?” He asked, fidgeting nervously, his eyes darting between his hands and Rodney’s face.

Rodney looked up at him and then around the room, the other occupants didn’t seem to be paying them any attention. He frowned, his best ‘I hate everyone’ glare in place. “Not sure, there’s a small anomalous reading I’m not wild about. Here.” He pointed at an area of the screen not showing any data, discretely looking Eric up and down suggestively.

“I want to move it to the system designed to be sensitive to small variances.” He got up and led the younger man to one of the more isolated consoles around the corner, hidden in a partial alcove in the wall. As soon as they were out of sight, Eric pushed him against the wall. His body pressed into Rodney’s whilst he kissed him, his tongue licking into his mouth with sure, confident strokes.

“You’ve been working far too much lately.” Eric murmured against his lips. “Missed you.”

“Really?” Rodney whispered back, nibbling his ear. “You gonna show me how much?”

Eric smiled his assent and set up the diagnostic as a cover, in case someone happened to walk over. He pushed Rodney down by the shoulders, forcing him to sit on the chair and climbed on top of him, so he was straddling his thighs before kissing him again.

Rodney sighed softly, whimpering into his mouth. His legs were stretched out under the console and he toed off his shoes, relaxing. His hands worked their way up Eric’s shirt, tracing the curves and dips of his muscular back. His pants already tented against his semi-erect cock. One of Eric’s hands worked past it and he gasped.

Lenoir scanned the room, quickly. There were still no signs of trouble so he turned his attention back to Rodney, sliding to his knees under the console and pulling down his pants and boxers. He brought forward Rodney’s chair, if someone did look over all that would be seen was Rodney running a diagnostic.

From his secret spot, Rodney’s cock was at eye level. It was heavy and flushed and slick at the tip. He kissed the base of it, burying his nose into the thick curls there, before stroking it, gathering the leaking precome. He smeared it across his lips, licking it away slowly.

Rodney watched the gesture, licking his own lips subconsciously. He slid a socked foot up Eric’s leg landing it in his lap, gently massaging his groin. Lenoir closed his eyes and moaned at the sensation. He let him carry on whilst taking his cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head, before he took the whole length in his mouth and sucked, alternating between going soft and hard.

Rodney whimpered quietly, his hand burying into Eric's hair holding him there as he leaned against the backrest of the chair for support. Smiling around his length, Eric reached out with one hand, holding Rodney's hip in place. Helping to keep him supported and stopping him from bucking into him whilst he continued to suck, applying gentle pressure with his teeth to the spot just under the head which he knew drove Rodney wild. His other hand fondled Rodney's balls, feeling them become more and more tight. Rodney groaned out, low and hungry. The sexy rumble vibrated through him and he hummed against his length, feeling the vibrations pass up through him causing him to shiver in pleasure.

He relaxed his jaw, and thanking his naturally hard to evoke gag-reflex, took Rodney in further, all the way into his throat. Not teasing anymore, he sucked hard until he felt the bitter-sweet taste of Rodney on the back of his tongue. He slowed down, milking him for all he was worth, sucking him dry.

Rodney had his head back against the chair, his eyes rolling back into his head as he climaxed. Somehow he managed to retain the presence of mind to keep rubbing with his foot, curling his toes around the bulge in Eric’s pants, willing him to come too. Eric’s hips pushed against Rodney’s foot instinctively, pleading for the hot friction. He was now achingly hard and could feel himself leaking into the cotton of his boxers.

Rodney whispered as he slowly kneaded into him. Telling him about old, dirty fantasies and wet dreams. Working him closer to the edge with just his voice and the pressure of his foot. He purred in a breathy, seductive voice that no-one else ever got to hear. “If I could, I’d bend you over one of these consoles and take you right now. Pounding into you hard enough to make you see stars. Having you scream and beg for mercy and moan my name whilst the entire room watches.”

Eric did moan his name whilst he came, straight into his pants. Feeling as giddy as a teenage boy with a crush on the head cheerleader. He laid his head down in the scientist’s lap for a few minutes, regaining his composure before pulling himself back up to his previous position, straddling Rodney's knees. "How's the diagnostic doing, Dr. McKay?"

Rodney’s brain seemed to have short-circuited and he was not capable of saying anything for a few minutes. Instead he ran his hand through his lover’s hair, smoothing it out where he'd gripped it into tufts. His other hand reached for Eric's mouth, fingers wiping away a small spot of his come.

“That’s really far to complicated for you to understand.” He says pulling up his pants and sliding away from Lenoir, watching as he takes the chair next to his and covers his lap with his jacket. “Stop by my quarters when your shift is over and I can explain it to you.” He added in a much softer voice, shooting him a momentary pleased smile before leaving.

“Yeah, I think I can come by.” He whispered after him, cringing at his own bad pun but smiling at the thought.


Rodney and Dr. Zelenka were babbling excitedly. Eric was just standing on the side of the otherwise empty lab, trying to keep up. The science jargon would have probably made it difficult enough. The fact that they never seemed to finish a sentence didn’t make it any easier. He still wasn’t exactly sure why they’d requested his presence. Something about redirecting some of the energy used by the ‘gate to power secondary systems without affecting it’s function.

Rodney started replacing the crystals he’d removed whilst Zelenka pressed a few buttons on the control panel. Suddenly a spark of blue energy rippled through the crystals and made contact with Rodney’s hand. He yelped as he was flung backwards a few yards. Radek kept working, trying to shut down the overload. Eric calmly called for a med team before rushing to Rodney and assessing him quickly. His hand looked like it had been burned pretty seriously. But by the way he was shouting for attention, it was clear there wasn’t anything immediately life threatening. A wave of relief passed through him and without thinking he leaned into him and kissed him, long and lingering.

It was the lack of complaining from Rodney that grasped Radek’s attention. He quickly finished shutting of the system before turning to take a look at his friend. A small smile played on his lips and he lets him have several moments before clearing his throat, in the universally recognised gesture. Embarrassed, Rodney pulled away; the sergeant’s look of panic was clearly seen mixed in with his bliss.

“Uhh Radek, This is - ” Rodney started to explain.

“I know.” Radek interrupted.

“Eric and I - ” He tried again.

“I know.” Radek interrupted again with a significant smile.

Rodney became more flustered. “Radek! It’s not - ”

“Rodney, I know.” Radek’s voice was slower this time, emphasised as if he was patiently explaining something to a stubborn child.

Rodney nodded; Eric looked mildly confused but was saved from having to comment by Dr. Beckett walking in with a medical team.


“Come on Rodney, it’s not that bad.” Lenoir said, hiding his smile poorly whilst tucking him into bed, pulling the covers all the way under his chin.

“Oh and how would you know?” Rodney replied, his misery making him more condescending and superior than he would usually be with his tender lover. His cheeks were flushed a bright pink and he was breathing in rapid, shallow gasps.

“Because,” Eric replied the same level of amusement in his voice, “Dr. Beckett just informed you they’re only minor burns and a mild sprain on your ankle.”

“Right? And I’m supposed to trust the opinion of that quack over my own body? I’ve had sprains before this doesn’t feel like that. And my hand is absolutely throbbing. There must be some nerve damage that he missed. If left, these things can lead to serious deformity and loss of function. It should definitely - ” McKay’s ramble is cut short by Eric pressing a firm, chaste kiss to his lips.

“Oh like that’s gonna work,” he exclaimed as Lenoir pulled away. “In actual pain here! What did you think a kiss was going to accomplish?”

“Only to reduce the probability that I could get through this day without suffering from a major headache.” He explained in mock seriousness.

He turned around at Rodney’s gape, smiling widely to himself. He poured a glass of water and removed a couple of the painkillers that Beckett had left, alongside a small sedative. They’d both agreed that was the only way Rodney would get the rest he needed.

Grasping one of Rodney’s arms, he helped prop him up and handed him the drugs, watching as he swallowed them easily with a small sip of the water. “Good, now sleep.” He said lowering him back down to the bed.

“Oh please. That sleep is an effective cure for anything at all is a myth promoted by medical professionals who don’t have a clue what’s going on and are stalling for time.” Rodney huffed but his speech was beginning to slur towards the end. His eyelids felt heavier and he let them flutter closed. Eric beamed at him, a wave of affection washing over him and slipped under the covers next to him. Rodney tried protesting again, but Eric ran a hand down his back in calming strokes, whispering at him to let go and fall asleep.

He held him close as Rodney’s breathing slowly evened out and his eyes remained closed. Letting his mind drift he tried to work out when Rodney had become so important to him; when it had stopped being about a convenient and incredibly hot body to fuck; one who agreed about the merits of Canada over the United States as an added incentive.

Mentally he thanked the Pegasus galaxy. Despite the Wraith, experiments gone wrong and dozens of other threats it had thrown at them it had still been good to him. That was when Rodney rolled over heavily on top of him and started snoring loudly. “Oh great!” He muttered, punching his sleeping lover in the arm but not making any real effort to move him.


McKay crowed in glee walking into Lenoir’s quarters and kissing him sweetly. “Hey, Novak finally came through.” He said waving around a DVD disc. “Last year’s world hockey championship final. Canada vs. the Czech Republic. Zelenka’s waiting for us in the rec. room.” The thrill of the long awaited game, he hadn’t allowed anyone to tell him the score of, caused him to bounce lightly on the balls of his feet.

Eric smiled against the blitz of excitement. “Go ahead. I just need to finish this.” He said indicating vaguely at his laptop. “I’ll be there in 10.” He replied, the excitement reflected in his voice too.

“Right, okay, fine.” He said about to leave again, until Lenoir pulled him in for another kiss, deeper and more passionate this time. “I’ll see you there.” Rodney murmured against his lips before going off to find Radek.

When Lenoir walked in, the game was paused just before the start, a few bottles of Molson on the table before them. Lt. Novak had really gone above and beyond. Rodney and Dr. Zelenka were already teasing each other about the weaknesses of their respective teams and betting coffee rations and smuggled chocolate as to who was going to score the winning goal.

Zelenka smiled up at him warmly as he walked in, whilst Rodney grunted something that could have been a greeting. He took a seat next to Rodney, their legs pressed firmly together underneath the table, Eric’s hand on Rodney’s knee. He hadn’t spent that much time with Dr. Zelenka since the incident in the lab, but it was nice to be comfortable around Rodney around another person.

Radek started the game and they watched in rapt attention. Both Canadians leaned forward as Nash made an attempt at the goal early in the first period, and slumped back in unison as it was saved. Radek just smiled smugly. Not long after, he handed Rodney another beer in false sympathy as Prospal scored the first goal of the game. Eric squeezed reassuringly on his knee. The second period presented numerous goal opportunities for the Canadian team. Radek’s cheering grew with each save whilst Rodney became more and more dejected. Eric didn’t look much better with his face cupped in both his hands.

Two Czech goals later the game was drawing to a close. Radek had relaxed against the couch, enjoying the frantic Canadian attempts. Both Canadians were sitting on the edge of the seat, all attempts at intimate contact forgotten, mentally joining in with the faithful, patriotic cheering clearly heard over the sounds of the commentary. As if willpower alone could change the outcome of a long ago played game. It didn’t.

Rodney turned to Eric, not wanting to face the gloating Czech. The look of dejection on the younger man’s face caused a dull ache in his chest. Knowing Radek would tease him about his sentimentality for the next three weeks at least; he still tilted into Eric’s personal space and kissed him, intense and groping.

Radek watched for a moment, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “So I will be leaving you two losers to commiserate.” He said walking out and ensuring the door was locked behind him.

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Comments {8}

Juri Anne

(no subject)

from: juri_anne
date: Apr. 4th, 2006 02:26 pm (UTC)

Totally adorable! Perfect for the day in the life of, and I loved the gateroom blowjob. Guh...

Also, the technition has a name in the script. He's Chuck, just like the actor's name. They've just never actually said his name. *smiles*

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(no subject)

from: ria_kukalaka
date: Apr. 5th, 2006 04:00 am (UTC)

I'm glad you liked. Thanks :)

Ahh yeah the name thing totally confused me, I saw the actors name was Chuck and didn't realise they were usuing that for the character too - i thought it had just become a fanon thing. *heads desk* Thanks for the heads up. :)

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Juri Anne

(no subject)

from: juri_anne
date: Apr. 5th, 2006 05:16 am (UTC)

I am ALWAYS up for minor character p0rn. Its the best.

The name I think was kind of a fanon thing, but he's still never been called by a name besides 'hey you' or 'don't be there' or something. However, in an interview Martin Wood {I think...} said that in the script it designates him as "Chuck the Technitian" *giggles*

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Empress Ena

(no subject)

from: severusslave
date: Apr. 4th, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC)


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Empress Ena

(no subject)

from: severusslave
date: Apr. 4th, 2006 08:57 pm (UTC)

Oh, this is adorable! I love the name, I love the kissing, I love the smut, I love the hockey! :D


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(no subject)

from: ria_kukalaka
date: Apr. 5th, 2006 04:03 am (UTC)

Awww I was so worried about writing a character we don't really know - i'm glad it worked for you :D

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Empress Ena

(no subject)

from: severusslave
date: Apr. 5th, 2006 09:54 am (UTC)

Psshshaw! Aa soon as I read your name I knew that it was something special waiting for me underneath the cut. :)

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Mistress Kat

(no subject)

from: kat_lair
date: Apr. 6th, 2006 05:44 pm (UTC)

oh yeah, gateroom blowjob was *hot*

I really liked this, and Zelenka bonus as well. There were a couple of times you switched between present and past tenses that confused me a bit but apart from that this was first rate.

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