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Fic: 'Is It True?' [Cadman/Brown, PG]

Title: 'Is It True?'
Word Count: 1,646
Pairing: Laura Cadman/Katie Brown
Spoilers: through Season 2's 'Duet'
Rating: K+ {PG}
Genre: Femmslash, Angst, Pre-Slash
Author Notes: For zellieh's prompt.

Laura’s eyes narrowed as if she weren’t sure how she should have interpreted that statement. Katie winced inwardly as another moment of agonizing silence went by knowing that Laura’s mind was reeling. “Are you jealous?” Laura finally asked.

{ 'Is It True?' }
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Fic: Reclamation [Gen, Cadman, Teyla; R]

TITLE: Reclamation
AUTHOR: purple_cube
CHARACTERS: A lot of Cadman, a bit of Teyla and a cameo from Lorne
RECIPIENT: saeva (sorry I couldn't fit in your other prompts - I tried and tried to write something decent about Pegasus cultures but it just wouldn't happen)
SUMMARY: She wasn't sure how long she could keep giving her all, just to be dumped back into the cell to prepare for the next fight
NOTES: Huge thanks to lemonbella for the fantastic beta
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Meals on the Run (Lorne/Cadman)

Title: Meals on the Run
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Lorne/Cadman
Word Count: 2,362
Spoilers: Set during season 2, but no plot or episode specific spoilers.
A/N: Written as backup for the sgarareathon. The request was for shoemaster who wanted some Lorne/Cadman stuff, secret relationship or just friendship, perhaps an off world mission? The Pegasus Galaxy doesn't just save all the really freaky stuff for the flagship team. Angst is fine, adored even, but I am a sucker for happy endings.

Thanks to smittywing, daisycm83, and kate98 for betaing!
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fic - A Spot of Warmth by skandrae

Title: A Spot of Warmth
Author: skandrae
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: G (for "I'm so generic it's scary")
Rareathon Assignment: rosewildeirish who requested Zelenka (or Lorne), no sad endings, with exploration/discover as a theme
Spoilers: Through season 2, specifically Grace Under Pressure.
A/N: In addition to being late, this story was kind of like a car parked on a hill with no emergency brake - difficult to navigate. I'm not sure how it ended up where it did, but hope it fits the bill at least a little.

A Spot of Warmth
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Fic - Finding Perfect - Teyla/McKay - PG-13

Title: Finding Perfect
Author: shootingsilverstarlight, a.k.a. shiny_starlight
Pairing: Teyla/McKay
Words: 1931
Rating: PG - 13
Written for: This is for tielan who wanted: Liz/Ronon, Teyla/Lorne, or Teyla/McKay - something that might be seen on the show if they went a bit further than they do

I hope this is what you had in mind pet. I hope you like it.

Summary: Since when does the fact that he was injured cause her a physical ache?

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Fic: Hothousing, NC-17, Lorne/Parrish

Title: Hothousing
Author: vileseagulls
Pairing: Parrish/Lorne
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1334
Rareathon Recipient: scribewraith (Now you know why I friended you! That and I quite like you.)
Summary: Once in a while, missions don't go wrong.
Notes: Two days ago this was utter crap. Then zellieh and blue_raven boxed my ears did an excellent job as betas, and now it might actually be worth reading. :) I hope you enjoy it, sunshine.

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fic: Different, PG-13 [Teyla/Zelenka]

teawith wanted "Something with Zelenka, please. No PWP, although smut is fine, if there's a point to it :) Maybe showing a relationship in the cracks - a hiding in plain sight kind of a thing."

TITLE: Different
AUTHOR: tielan
SUMMARY: She likes him different.
PAIRING: Teyla/Zelenka
NOTES: I've never written Zelenka before - as in as a main character, so when I saw my challenge, I panicked. With incredible, super-dooper thanks to my rescue betas: ravenlaughing and faithchan!

"So, I heard you're giving Teyla lessons in Czech..."
MCU + Clint Colourful Shot Lined Up

Fic: Aftersun; Fic: Exchange; Both by Saeva.

As if to prove I am a complete dork I managed to write two fics for this and neither would reach 1,000 words no matter how I poked (but, hey, my original idea was ten separate drabbles so this is something of a step up). Thus, I post them both and hope that you enjoy. These are both for missyvortexdv.

Sometimes old enemies show up in unexpected places.
(Prompts: Sora, Sora/Ford, Pegasus natives.)

Four months in a coma gives you a lot not to think about.
(Prompt: Teyla/Bates, though it's a little heavy on the Bates.)

Click on the titles to go directly to the fics and don't feel shy about commenting, if you please.

- Andrea.

Fic- It Takes Time, Ronon/Carson

Title: It Takes Time
Author: Allison/shoemaster
Pairing: Dex/Beckett
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,415
Rareathon Recipient: thefannishwaldo
Summary: When Carson was a resident, everyone stressed how important it was not to get attached to the patients. At the time, he didn’t really see a problem...
Notes: Thanks to amezri and katydidmischief, my SGA tag team, for the help and betaing. Title from the Rory Gallagher song by the same name.

(It Takes Time)
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